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As you explore this topic, post your commentary on your blog, then summaries and post in your group on the Topic 3 Forum. Other points include:

What is an appropriate role for the teacher librarian in curriculum development?
What benefits can a school obtain from the active involvement of the teacher librarian in curriculum development?
Should a principal expect that teachers would plan units of work with the teacher librarian?
How are students disadvantaged in schools that exclude the teacher librarian from curriculum development?

The TL has a very important role in curriculum development as they have knowledge about how to develop and implement 21st century skills. TL’s use information literacy skills when teaching and can provide a good insight to others. TL’s have access to research tools and the ability to implement strategies such as project-based learning (PBL) or Inquiry based learning (IBL). These strategies when implemented have been show to change the way teachers teach and the way students learn. They encourages higher order thinking, ownership of work and self regulation with students and produces authentic pieces of work by the students. After reading about PBL and IBL we are able to see how these strategies relate to the quality teaching model.

I believe the principal should expect collaboration between teachers and TL’s when planning units of work. TL’s have such a wide range of resources that teachers are able to utilise for their units of work. Two heads are better then one after all. From the readings I have realised how many opportunities there are to implement either PBL or IBL when collaborating with teachers. If it is possible to get a teacher on board with implementing one strategy it could have great benefits for students.

I think its obvious to say students will miss out on valuable resources if collaboration isn’t present in schools. As well as this students could miss out on learning experiences such as the ones that happen when the PBL and IBL strategies are implemented.

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