ETL 503- Module 1

Consider how these trends might affect school libraries and their collections.

I’m not sure about other schools however the high school I currently work at is embracing technology. The school has recently decided (due to the DEC laptop program being scrapped) to ensure all year 7 students have an iPad to use in the classroom. Naturally the school is also working on getting all teachers up to speed on how to use them within their lessons. As the TL I too would like to go digital, however after reading Shatzkin’s Idea Logical blog, I’ve confirmed my thoughts that changing ALL types of print books to e-books is not going to be of benefit to our students for now.

I know many of my students always use the internet for their search needs unless told to use other forms of research such as print books. Their reasoning is that the internet is quicker and easier, especially when at home, and the fact is they are not being taught to use print books for research in a sufficient manner. I do believe that transferring print books to e-books will be in theory beneficial for student. However my concerns are that if the ‘other-than-immersive’ books such as reference books, are not changed into an e-book format that is easy to use and navigate, then many students will be completely turned off by books in any format and will simply not access them.

I would like to know how other schools are managing to implement e-reading within schools as I am finding without a new management system it is quiet difficult.

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3 Responses to ETL 503- Module 1

  1. Lee FitzGerald says:

    Hi Hanna, the blog looks good. Can you change the subject name to ETL503, as it’s a bit confusing alongside your 401 blogging. Re e books – I’ve just left a school library to go work at CSU. We found at my school that e books were not very popular, and students just liked the print ones better. We signed up for Wheeler’s which allows you to loan e books to students through the library management system, which was cost effective. Trouble was, that despite our best efforts to promote it, hardly anyone used it. Whereas print fiction (not non-fiction) fairly flew out the doors. So, go figure!

    ETL503 Subject Coordinator

    • hannav102 says:

      Hi Lee,

      Whoops sorry about that. I will change it now. That’s interesting! I was hoping that with the year 7 students getting new iPads that it will be a hit. I will look into it all a bit more anyway. Many thanks!


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