ETL 504: Module 1- Post 1

Module 1

Post 1: What is your understanding of leadership? How do you show leadership in your school?

I think leadership requires:

  • an individual to have the respect and a rapport with those they wish to lead
  • the ability to create a future plan and have the knowledge of how to set realistic and achievable goals related to accomplishing the plan
  • an ability to think forward, take risks and have the confidence to see ideas through to the end
  • an individual to be creative and have the skills to communicate, collaborate and delegate

I show leadership in my school by:

  • listening and taking into consideration the opinions and suggestions of teacher and students
  • discussing and creating future plans with the executives as well as my library team
  • putting forward my own ideas to the executives
  • setting my own goals and helping others in my library team to set their goals
  • making sure these goals work towards achieving the future plan
  • keeping track of and documenting progress of my goals and my teams goals
  • evaluating my goals
  • working with students to set and achieve goals in class
  • organising events and activities around the school such as Children’s Book Week
  • mentoring as an assistant year advisor
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